Construction, maintenance and repair services related to Plaza factories, offices, shopping malls, office campuses, and many more will consist of establishments, jobs and facilities to meet your needs for periodic maintenance of the system in the We offer solutions covers.


In 2010, Ilke Aluminum started  activities as a sole proprietorship. Our company became a limited company in 2014 by assuming a more corporate identity on this path, which we focused on both solution and application and manufacturing. In this context, with its in-house professional system series; Dump 10 mm Glass, 5+5 Lem Glass, 8+8 dump into Lem, glass, aluminum partition, aluminum window, aluminum door, aluminum door, aluminum window, antique mirror adjustable door enclosure, Mirror, Mirror bizotel, glass partition systems, glass panes, glass roof, window film, glass door, glass railing, steel door, double glass partition, decoration, shower, epiksi flooring, antique mirror, tile, movies, photocell doors, hood, glass, shading systems, security, protection glass, insulated aluminium window, skylight, with venetian blinds Penn split, remove drive sliding systems, carpet tiles, sliding door, Winter Garden, laminate veneer door, melamine coated doors, office partition systems, Office pods, Office, Bureau, Division, Office, glass accessories, glass office partition, office windows, office doors, office furniture, private security booths, flooring, window accessories, pergola, pvc coating, glass rodajli, skirting, fully glazed partitioning, design, teloskopik glass ceiling, fire doors, upgraded flooring, floor tiles, installation is engaged in manufacturing and sale of application.

In order to better serve our valued customers, we are always providing services with new solutions, designs and special order applications.