Glass facade cladding systems prepared in accordance with the architecture of the project add visual value to the projects.The system, which can be installed on reinforced concrete flooring, as well as on load-bearing steel construction, is durable and aesthetic. Glass facades, which are used in many buildings today, are preferred by corporate companies and conglomerates that have their own building. The application, which is extremely convenient to install and clean, is completed in a short time. Glass facades, which also contribute to the prolongation of the life of buildings thanks to thermal insulation, have different color options

Glass facade coatings, which are made of hard and light materials with thermal and sound insulation, provide high-level customer satisfaction in terms of workmanship and production process. The systems produced in the desired type; silicone, clamshell and semi-clamshell exhibit superior performance with a color option suitable for the climatic conditions of the region where they will be used. The systems applied in projects where the entire or desired area of the building facade Dec to be glass are among the most preferred options of recent periods with their easy installation feature.